Our Mission

Charleston Self Defense is your partner in reaching your personal fitness, sports, and self-defense goals. Our dedicated staff of experienced instructors provide individualized, high quality programs that will get you in shape, build self-confidence, and transform you into the person you always dreamed you could be. Don’t settle on “attending a class” or “hitting the treadmill.” Join a community, have fun, and know that you have a team behind you.

Are you “out of shape” or taking your first step into martial arts? We offer instruction in the fundamentals that will set you on the right path and show you immediate results.

Looking for family programs, kids before/after school programs, virtual school day care, or summer camps? We have you covered.

If you are an experienced martial arts athlete looking to take it to the next level, try our advanced classes, personal training, or private small group sessions.

Our Instructors:

Our instructors each have over a decade of experience in their respective area and share an unmatched passion for teaching. Our accomplished team has earned accolades in the arena - winning state, national, and Pan-American championships.

Our instructors are highly credentialed as coaches, holding certifications by national governing bodies such as Team USA. They have been there, know the way, and can help you get there yourself.

Our Facility:

Charleston Self Defense is a 6,000+ square foot facility conveniently located in Goose Creek minutes away from the highway and easily accessible from the entire Charleston Metro region. We have specialized training facilities for each of our programs and have ample space for socially distanced training.

Our Promise:

We will provide the highest quality, personalized instruction to help you meet your goals.

You are our highest priority.

Welcome to Charleston Self Defense Academy!

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